July 2, 2020

A Lot to Learn

"Yeah you can touch them, that's the whole point. Go ahead, give the girls a squeeze..."

"Woah, stop, stop, stop. What the fuck are you doing? It's like you're trying to honk a bicycle horn. I know you haven't been having much luck with the ladies, and I agreed to turn myself into this chick--who is way out of your league, by the way--so you could practice and get your confidence up, but damn dude! Have you ever even gotten past second base?"

"Ok, come on, calm down. I'm the only one allowed to be a bitch right now, got it? Let's reset everything and I'll take the lead for a while until you feel ready to make a move. Jeez, the things I'll do for a friend in need..."

June 29, 2020

High Stakes

"You ready to tap out?"

Zach laughed in Evan's altered face. "Ha! You think I'd be scared off by these titties? You wish, bitch!"

Evan tried to smirk confidently, but it was hard to mask his internal turmoil. This game of chicken had been escalating all day. Messing with the spellbook had been a bad idea. So was using it to give themselves these bodies, and even more making them extremely horny. He could just lean in and kiss the gorgeous blonde in bed next to him, and forget about the whole thing...

Zach spoke again, snapping Evan out of his daydream. "Alright, Joe here is ready to fuck us both. First one to make him cum is king of the house for a week!"

June 7, 2020

Wet and Wild

"Quit spraying me, asshole!"

"Sure, just as soon as you quit spraying me!"

Even after graduating high school, David, Greg, and Jeremy had continued their tradition of starting the summer with an epic water gun fight, and this year was no different. Unfortunately for the three friends, the end results would be massively different, thanks to a leak in the city's potion bottling facility seeping into the water supply.

May 20, 2020

Watch Who You Watch

"Hey man, come here! She's stripping again!"

"She's not stripping, she's changing in her bedroom. How do you not feel creepy doing that?"

"Oh, come on, you know she wants people to look. How could she not, with an ass like that?"

"You really think that-- oh my god! Dude!"

May 1, 2020

Adding Insult to Injury

Of course, it had to be a cursed dress. When I left it was almost down to my knees. If it gets any shorter, I'll be lucky if I don't get arrested!

If I didn't have to deal with these freaking heels, I'd be home already!

April 24, 2020


Sometimes when you cheat, you get caught.

Sometimes, you find out the hard way that your girlfriend is a witch.

Sometimes, the only thing to do is march across town in heels and skintight shorts to beg her for forgiveness and to change you back.


Other times...

You might take a minute to explore your new body first. You might grab the massive hooters hanging from your chest, only to find them overflowing in your dainty fingers.

You might finger your new pussy for an hour, gradually soaking your bedsheets and filling the room with the musk of a dozen orgasms.

And then, you might end up at a seedy motel, texting the address and a sexy picture of yourself to a few of your buddies.

That's why you should never upset a witch.


March 20, 2020

Getting Through Hard Times Together

Hi readers,

Here at Yet Another Caption Site, we know things are a little crazy right now. You might be stressed about--

What the fuck are you doing right now?

I'm... you know, people are upset about the whole--

And what, you're the one they're turning to for comfort? No. They're here to read your pervy little stories and get themselves off, not think about anything that's going on in real life.